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Ortho-Therapy and You

This section is devoted to the clinical application of Ortho-Therapy related to specific diagnoses. It is not intended to provide medical information, advice or individual treatment recommendations. It is intended to provide you with general information regarding your diagnosis. As a rehabilitation specialist, my goal is to guide and assist you in your effort to improve physically and functionally. Rehabilitation treatment is not a cure for what you have. It is an opportunity to make the best out of what you have and life in general.

Each condition presents unique circumstances that require diagnosis specific therapies. In order to optimize outcomes, it is necessary to understand the underlying pathology resulting in physical and mechanical deficiencies. The course of treatment should be guided by the nature of the primary diagnosis as well as any underlying or secondary diagnoses.

While it is important to recognize the similarities among individuals with the same diagnosis, it is equally important to recognize the differences that exist. No two people are exactly the same; therefore, you should be treated as an individual first rather than as a diagnostic category. You are not identified solely by your diagnosis but rather by your unique biomechanical profile related to your diagnosis. In some instances, a secondary diagnosis could take precedence over the primary diagnosis. In any case you need to be treated not only as an individual but also as a whole individual. This includes the mind-body connection. It is what makes you different from anyone else.

The best possible outcome for your treatment is based upon that which makes you unique. Your specific diagnosis is important to understand but it is only one factor in planning the most appropriate treatment. Every component of your biomechanical profile must be included in the equation. All of the parts, when viewed separately, still do not define you as a whole person. The true picture can only be revealed by the sum of its parts. By focusing on one component or isolating the components, there is a greater tendency towards generic treatment. This also applies to the use of orthotic and prosthetic devices in a treatment plan. What works for one individual may not work for you or vice versa. Each and every case is different.

In order to plan the most effective treatment program, all of the pieces of your individual puzzle must be gathered and assembled. It is necessary to determine the outcome before treatment begins. The destination must be determined before the journey begins. It starts with a comprehensive Ortho-Therapy assessment.

The objective of this section is to help you to identify and understand the various pieces of your unique biomechanical puzzle. The more you learn, the more you will appreciate the need for personalized and comprehensive treatment. This will empower you to assume responsibility for your treatment. You must actively participate in your treatment in order to reach your goals.

This section is a work in progress. Information will be added periodically and will cover a range of topics related to your diagnosis. Your potential for improvement does not depend on what you know about your diagnosis but how it applies to you as a whole individual. The purpose of this web site is to help you to help yourself. The only expert on you is you. To succeed, you have to trust the expert. Need help? Learn as much as you can and seek out the best treatment for you.