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Ortho-Therapy is a comprehensive biomechanical approach that combines Physical Therapy and Orthotics & Prosthetics in one treatment. The use of advanced technology is integrated into a goal oriented treatment plan. It is outcome based with individual solutions designed for individual needs.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information and education. The intention is to offer hope for improved function, which is the goal of rehabilitation. It is dedicated to those individuals who feel that they have not realized their full potential or are not satisfied with their present level of function.

Successful treatment requires the participation and commitment of the client. In order to fulfill this requirement, the client must be informed and educated. Science must replace marketing and facts must replace opinion. Treatment must be complete and specific to individual needs but more importantly, it should be understood. The client should not submit to treatment but must choose the best treatment possible. This is the formula for success. The proof is in the outcome.

Modern technology offers many options that were unavailable in the past; however, it is the application of technology and how it is used that creates innovation. Progress is often a departure from the traditional or routine. This implies change. Continued learning through education will replace the status quo with improved treatment and methods. Prosthetic technology is abundant but must be appropriate for the individual and matched with the proper treatment. The present state of the art in Orthotics must be totally revised and brought to the level of Prosthetics. Science and facts must prevail. Improvement is possible with the proper tools, treatment and attitude.

The information provided in this site is general in nature. It should be noted that every individual presents a unique profile. Treatment should not be the same for everyone. Technology must be integrated into a total treatment plan and applied appropriately. A thorough Ortho-Therapy assessment will establish the physical deficiencies and the mechanical requirements that will become the basis for treatment. It is also intended to be informative and educational. It will allow the client to make an intelligent decision regarding their treatment based on understanding. Participation is a choice. The outcome must be planned prior to treatment. The Ortho-Therapy assessment provides the necessary information to integrate Orthotics and Prosthetics into a goal oriented treatment plan.