I have been involved in the development of a total treatment approach that combines Ortho-Therapy and DynamicBracingSolutions. My association with DynamicBracingSolutions began two years ago. During this period of time I have received technical training and education beyond my thirty-three years of rehabilitation experience. While my background has served me well, the application of this new technology is based upon advanced training and a thorough understanding of biomechanical principles. It is the outcome that determines the effectiveness of treatment. I have treated patients utilizing DynamicBracingSolutions technology as a Physical Therapist and a Prosthetist/Orthotist. For practical purposes, they are one in the same. Treatment without appropriate technology or technology without appropriate treatment are incomplete. As a dual-credentialed professional, I serve on the Board of Directors of DynamicBracingSolutions.

DynamicBracingSolutions was founded by Jean-Paul Nielsen and Marmaduke Loke, CPO. It began as a clinical practice in San Diego, California using the latest technology to develop new designs and applications for improved function in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Scientific mechanical principles were applied in the creation of this new technology. The data collected over the years has shown that improvement in walking can be achieved through the use of technology and innovative design based upon individual needs. It has also shown that these improvements can be measured.

Jean-Paul Nielsen has been a practicing Orthotist and Prosthetist for over thirty years. A graduate of Queens College of the City University of New York, he specialized in correcting complex partial foot deformities for amputees from lumber industry accidents in Oregon during the 1970’s. From the structural needs of these patients, he developed an orthotic system in the early 1980’s designed to realign and correct deformity. In 1986, these designs became the product base for the Oregon Orthotic System™ which was an effective rigid system incorporating multiple force systems for the correction of deformity. Since 1996, he has designed orthotic and partial foot prosthetic systems that utilize floor reaction principles and mechanics that not only correct deformity, but also restore dynamic function to measurably improve the ability to walk more efficiently. He has also designed and developed a software program to document and measure outcomes.

Marmaduke Loke, CPO is a certified Prosthetist/Orthotist with almost thirty years of experience. With an established reputation and a proven record of performance, he is dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of quality care. He has focused his practice on the development of advanced technological designs utilizing triplanar control and mechanical data. As a result, he has helped to develop and master a unique orthotic system that has revolutionized pathomechanical ambulation and the prevention of debilitating deformities. Along with Jean-Paul Nielsen, he has obtained sufficient data to expand the scope of DynamicBracingSolutions. He has created a network of licensed practitioners throughout the United States to provide regional services beyond the San Diego area. He has been instrumental in design and development along with the creation of an extensive training program for select professionals.

DynamicBracingSolutions offers unique graphite dynamic floor reaction orthotic and prosthetic products. The company also offers OrthoBalancing™ and NeuroBalancing™ techniques as part of the treatment solution based on measurable outcomes. Extensive training is required to master the complex fitting techniques required to achieve improved outcomes. There are presently fifteen Orthotists/Prosthetists in the United States licensed to provide DynamicBracingSolution services. Each licensed professional has a minimum of twenty-five years experience. Located in New Jersey, I serve the greater New York metropolitan area.